Yippee! We finally have an offer that looks like it will stick. So on Monday I submitted the offer to B of A and a complete short sale package to the new servicer for the 2nd lien holder. As you may remember, the borrower had already started the process for the Bank of America Cooperative short sale before we even put the home on the market, so at this time the only items requested by B of A include the offer and an estimated settlement statement.

So the clock started ticking on Monday, October 17. Let’s see how long this process really takes. Bank of America of course advertises that their cooperative program is executed more quickly than a traditional short sale….

Yesterday, I received an email from B of A notifying me that the original negotiator to whom I had emailed the offer and HUD statement had been promoted and she would no longer be my contact. A new negotiator has been assigned and I was assured that the file would be passed to her and that I could expect to hear from her shortly. Nothing so far today….