First, let me just say that I don’t own a wonder hanger and wouldn’t be caught dead in a Snuggie, but I did recently buy something that I saw on TV, and was stunned at how well it worked.

Last weekend, we were getting ready to decorate the front of the house with green Christmas garland.  Several years ago I had carefully intertwined 300 little white lights through all 90 feet…not a quick task.  So before hanging the garland, I of course plugged in the lights to test them and was annoyed to discover that two sections of 50 lights each didn’t work.  I wasted about 30 minutes messing with each bulb to make sure it was all the way in its socket, but to no avail.  Now fuming, I realized that the only solution was to de-construct the garland and re-string it with new lights – a total waste of time when I was already so behind on Christmas!

So I made my way to Home Depot and was picking up some new lights when something clicked in my head, and I remembered a gadget I’d seen on TV that supposedly fixed strings of mini lights like mine.  And there it was on the shelf right in front of me, the Light Keeper Pro.  Kind of expensive at $19.95, but I reasoned, if it happened to work and saved 2-3 hours of my time it was money will spent.

I read the package, and had no idea how it really worked, but followed the directions by removing one of the dead bulbs and putting the socket in the little hole on the Light Keeper.  I squeezed the trigger, and voila, the lights came back on!  I put the bulb back in the socket and like magic all the lights worked. 

I was elated!  And even happier when I discovered and fixed “dead” sections in the  lights I was going to put on the tree.  No more throwing out strings of mini lights!  This little gadget definitely made my Christmas brighter 🙂